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PATH Intl. Equine Specialist Workshop and Skills Test

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Workshop Dates: October 26th-28th

Skills Test Date: October 29th

Candidate Registration Deadline: September 30th

Equine Specialist Professional: Memree Stuart

Mental Health Professional: Marilyn Sokolof

This three-day workshop provides specialized training for equestrians who are interested in equine facilitated mental health and education programs. This workshop is not designed to train educators or mental health professionals how to perform their role in equine facilitated learning or psychotherapy. Breakfasts and lunches will be included for all participants. Workshop will run approximately 8AM-5PM the 26th-28th and testing slots will be scheduled for Sunday in 30 minute increments.

This workshop will be taught by some of the most experienced people in the field of equine facilitated mental health and learning and will give the participants a chance to see what is current in the field. Each course will be team taught by an Equine Specialist/PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor in collaboration with a mental health professional working with several equines.

Training is designed for:

Equine Professionals

Therapeutic Riding Instructors

Those who wish to enhance their ability to work with mental health and education professionals and their clients


Equestrian skills on the flat in English or Western tack comparable to those described in Pony Club C or CHA Level 1 familiarity with PATH Intl. Standards and PATH Intl. Code of Ethics and/or a PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor

Be at least 21 years of age with a high school diploma or GED with a demonstration of continued learning.

Lodging Option

We have partnered with a local retreat center in order to provide you with lodging during your stay. This retreat center is called New Ebenezer Retreat and is located about 15 minutes away from the center.

The house has a capacity of 12, with each room having two twin beds in it, so if you do not sign up in time, you will need to find lodging at one of our local hotels.

Comfort Suites Savannah

Hampton Inn Savannah

Holiday Inn Express Savannah

With the retreat center option, dinners will be provided and your cost is only $75 per night. If you need to stay an additional night, it will be an additional $75. For more information about the retreat center check out their page at http://www.newebenezer.org/facilities.php.

Step 1: 

Fill out forms below and return to programs.fetc@gmail.com or mail in with check (see below).

Step 2: 

Pay below using our paypal button with the option of your choice or mail a check to 243 Appaloosa Way, Guyton, Ga. 31312.

Note that the Workshop and Skills Test Options with lodging include 4 nights at the retreat center (Wednesday through Saturday). The skills test option includes only Saturday night.

Workshop With Lodging


Skills Test With Lodging


Workshop and Skills Test With Lodging


Workshop Without Lodging


Skills Test Without Lodging


Workshop and Skills Test Without Lodging


Step 3: 

Stay tuned for more information! If for some reason you must cancel, we will refund the amount you paid, minus a $75 administration fee to cover our costs.

Questions? Send to programs.fetc@gmail.com.

Hearts for Healing Valentines Gala

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Get ready to enjoy a wonderful evening of gourmet dining, dancing, silent auction and more! Faith Equestrian Therapeutic Center is having its First Annual “Hearts for Healing Valentine’s Gala” coming February 14th 2017. Mark your calendars and stay tune to our page and website for more information!
This will be a night to remember and the proceeds will benefit Faith Equestrian Therapeutic Centers program for individuals with disabilities!
FETC also wants to thank the Tybee Island Wedding Chapel for supporting our cause as the wonderful venue for our Gala! You won’t want to miss this GALA!!


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Name: Jasmine
Serving FETC since: I was donated by Personal Ponies LTD.  in 2015
Age: 18
Breed: UK miniature pony
Gender: Mare
Color: palamino
Height: 30″
Job Before: Personal pony for another family
My Personality: I am a horse that likes to pull a cart, I used to be a great show cart pony years ago.
My Likes: I love to get treats!!  and grass, lots of sweet grass and since I’m not on a diet like Higbee, I can have all I want
My Dislikes: When Higbee leaves to go to work as a traveling therapy pony


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Serving FETC since: I was donated by Personal Ponies LTD.  in 2015
Breed: UK miniature pony
Gender: Gelding
Color: Black
Height: 30″
Job Before: Personal pony for another family
My Personality: I am a horse that likes to make everyone happy. I am very obedient and sweet. Just a people lover!
My Likes: I love to get treats!! When I hear the treat bucket I will stick my head out of my stall and curl my lip and make funny faces to get your attention.
My Dislikes: Well I’m a little chunky so I have to be on a diet… I don’t! like that


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Name: Jetta Cooke

Otherwise Known As: Jetta
Serving FETC Since: I was donated by Alison Brock on June 10, 2009
Born: March 10, 1997
Breed: Paint
Gender: Mare Color: Bay & Tobiano
Height: 15.2 Hands
Job Before: I was a family pet
My Personality: I like all eyes on me, especially all the little kids.
My Likes: Give me Tic Tacs and I am all yours!
My Dislikes: It makes me sad when all the Tic Tacs are gone.


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Name: Dakota
Otherwise Known As: Cody
Serving FETC Since: October 26, 2006
Born: January 2, 2002
Breed: Pony
Gender: Gelding
Color: Bay & White
Height: 11.2 Hands
Job Before: I have just about done it all. I have done trail riding, run barrels and poles, jumped, and pulled carts.
My Personality: I am one that really likes to do it all. I really get a kick out of pulling the cart with the little kids. I also have to have things my way.
My Likes: I just love receiving apples and carrots for treats, most of all Tic Tacs candy!!
My Dislikes: I do not like to be caught when I am out in the pasture, but show me a feed bucket and I’ll come right to you.


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Serving FETC since: I was donated by Jenson Dellinger in August 2015
Born: 2002
Breed: Paint
Gender: Gelding
Color: Sorrel Tobiano
Height: 15.2 Hands
Job Before: Beginner lesson horse

My Personality: I am calm and gentle, but I like to be fast sometimes too. I love getting groomed and I love being around kids! I will do (almost) anything you ask me to do. I love it when you give me lots of treats too!

My Likes: I like it when kids ride me! When my rider is happy I am even happier. I like it when I get to hang out with Sky or Jelly Bean!

My Dislikes– I dislike it when my rider is sad, if my rider is sad I will always find a way to cheer them up. I also dislike it when anyone stops riding me or if anyone stops giving me attention!


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Name: Royal Flush
Serving FETC since: I was donated by Austin Hall on March 12, 2013
Born: 1994
Breed: Paint
Gender: Mare
Color: Sorrel & White
Height: 15 Hands

My Personality: I am usually very calm and sweet and I love it when kids love on me. The only time I get impatient is at feeding time when I have to wait to be brought in!
My Likes: FOOD, TREATS!!! My eyes light up when I see someone go to the feed room! I’m a real laid back kind of girl and enjoy hugs and kisses too!
My Dislikes: I don’t like waiting to be brought in at feed time. I also do not like being bossed around by the other horses, and chased off my hay :


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Sponsor: Gwen Frazier – in Memory of Matthew Frazier

Serving FETC Since: April 9, 2010
Born: 2004
Breed: Morgan
Gender: Gelding
Color: Black
Job Before: Family pet
My Personality: I am a ladies (mares) man and can be sneaky when it comes to treats.
My Likes: I really like to have my belly scratched. When it comes to the ladies, I like to be near them at all times. I like to get treats, but watch out! I can stretch my lips way out and nab a treat before you even know it.
My Dislikes: I do not like being away from the mares!


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Name: Justice is Served
Otherwise known as: Justice
Serving FETC since: April 2002
Born: 1999
Breed: Paint
Gender: Gelding
Color: Bay & Overo
Job Before: I was a police horse
My Personality: I am the Boss Hoss in my field. Not to be conceited, but I like that I have blue eyes because I get a lot of attention. I just love attention, the more the merrier!
My Likes: The best way to my heart is giving me carrots and oat cookies for treats. Also, I love to be groomed and having my rear-end scratched.
My Dislikes: One of the things I dislike most is being alone. I also dislike having to wait for my food!