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By August 17, 2016Horse Bios

Serving FETC since: I was donated by Jenson Dellinger in August 2015
Born: 2002
Breed: Paint
Gender: Gelding
Color: Sorrel Tobiano
Height: 15.2 Hands
Job Before: Beginner lesson horse

My Personality: I am calm and gentle, but I like to be fast sometimes too. I love getting groomed and I love being around kids! I will do (almost) anything you ask me to do. I love it when you give me lots of treats too!

My Likes: I like it when kids ride me! When my rider is happy I am even happier. I like it when I get to hang out with Sky or Jelly Bean!

My Dislikes– I dislike it when my rider is sad, if my rider is sad I will always find a way to cheer them up. I also dislike it when anyone stops riding me or if anyone stops giving me attention!

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