Horse Camps

We have three options for horse camp this summer, our original camp for 8-14-year-olds, a camp for riders with special abilities (8-14), and a Pony Pals camp for children ages 5-7.

Note: Our only open camp is Pony Pals at this time.

Pony Pals Camp

We will once again be having our three day, 9AM-12PM camp, for 5, 6, and 7-year-olds for $150. This will include one day of groundwork, riding in a cart pulled by a pony and riding a pony. Children will have the opportunity to interact with ponies as well as learning basic pony care, grooming, and crafts. They will also learn about other animals on the farm and get to see and pet some of these animals as well as the horses used at Faith ETC.

Day one- learn about grooming ponies and pony parts/tack (equipment) parts lessons,  interact and pet some of the other animals on the farm and meet the horses used in Faith ETC’s programs, and have fun with crafts.

Day two- more grooming, learning how to use the tack and how it goes on the ponies,  practice saddling and mounting, lessons in care, learn about what they eat and where they stay in the barn and how to care for their stalls, learn about ponies that pull a cart and get to have a pony cart ride!

Day three- finish crafts, horsey games, take pictures, and get to ride the pony!

Dates Open:
June 3, 4, &5th (full)
June 24, 25, & 26th ( full)

July 1, 2 and 3rd (full)
July 29, 30, 31st (5 slots)
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