Faith Equestrian Therapuetic Center Summer Camps

Summer is coming and it’s time to think about Horse Camp 2021 at Faith Equestrian Therapeutic Center. We offer 3 camp options and can’t wait for the summer fun to begin.

Pony Pals

This unique day camp is just right for your littlest horse lover! Safety and fun are the priorities! The day’s activities take place in small groups to ensure individual attention and to allow each child to develop confidence, strength, and skills at their own pace.

9:00 am-12:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Ages 5-7

3 sessions offered:

Day 1: Grooming and safety, learning parts of the pony, crafts, and pony fun and games.

Day 2: Grooming, paint the pony day, learning how to saddle and mount, fun and games.

Day 3: Crafts, pony games, and riding the ponies.

$150.00 per week


Dates Available:

Horse Lovers Day Camp

Horse Lovers Day Camp is a wonderful way to introduce your child to riding and horses. Children participate in a week of riding lessons, hands-on learning about horse care, games on horseback, and crafts. The week concludes with a Friday Horse Show for parents to showcase the riders’ accomplishments. Space is limited to 8 campers per session.

8:00 am – 1:00 pm Monday -Thursday; Horse Show only on Friday

Ages 8-14

7 sessions offered

Day 1 Campers participate in safety training, learning to groom and tack, horse leading, riding lessons, a horse craft, learning parts of the horse, and how to halter.

Day 2 Campers groom and tack horses, riding lessons, continuing to learn basic riding skills with attempting a little independence from their horse leader. Horse craft and learning to walk horses safely through gates.

Day 3 Campers will be taught a few challenging basic riding skills today, learning a pattern, use of arena objects, and learning to trot. Pony painting, pony pictures.

Day 4 Campers practice patterns for a horse show, horse craft, learning how to bathe a horse.

Day 5 Campers will prepare horses upon arrival, then participate in a horse show demonstrating skills learned throughout the week. Afterward at the parent reception, campers collect their crafts from the week.

$300.00 per week


Dates Available:

July 5th – 9th

Camp Ability

Camp Ability is offered to riders with special needs. The focus is on what the rider and the horse can accomplish together. Riders are paired with a horse suited to their specific needs and assisted by our volunteers based on the support the rider requires. Participants will spend the week with their assigned horse and volunteers, learning horse care and riding skills taught by PATH INTL Certified Instructors. The week concludes with a Horse Show on Friday to showcase the riders’ accomplishments. Space is limited to 6 campers per session to offer individualized attention.

9:00 am-12:00 pm Monday through Thursday; Horse Show only on Friday

Ages 8-18

2 sessions offered

DAY 1 Helmet fitting, safety demonstration, grooming and tacking, snack, and hands-on pony games.

Day 2 Review of grooming, learning to lead and mount, snack, and leading through a pattern.

Day 3 Riding lessons, snacks, hands-on horse painting activity, and pictures.

Day 4 Review of steering and basic transitions and riding a pattern to music, snacks, and bathing horses.

Day 5 Students will ride a pattern to the music of their choice using skills learned throughout the week. Refreshments will be served for students and families after the horse show.

$300.00 per week


Dates Available: