Faith Equestrian Therapuetic Center

We exist to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities through the power of the horse.

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What we do

Faith Equestrian is a therapeutic riding center located just outside of Savannah, GA. We are dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities through the power of the horse. 

One rider says his first words on horseback, another has significant increases in her core strength and another is given the confidence to stand up to being picked on at school. God makes it possible for us to do what we do, horses are our partners and we are supported by an amazing team of staff volunteers and donors. We offer a variety of programs, including an Equine-Facilitated Learning Program in partnership with local schools, a Therapeutic Riding program to address riders’ life goals, Special Olympics training, and Summer camps. 

“My grandson was never successful with sports or interacting with others. Since starting therapeutic riding, his overall being has transformed into a more confident person. Through riding, he has shown so much improvement in balance, core strength and posture. I have witnessed these skills being carried over into other areas of his life and he is now more confident meeting people and communicating with them. Through therapeutic riding, he has been given the chance to fit in and succeed independently. He has developed love, respect and trust for his horse, Sky. They have become friends and learned so much about life together!”

“Our daughter just started horseback riding lessons last fall, and we are very pleased to say that we have been seeing the benefits as she has been developing a stronger core that helps her to maintain a better posture and in consequence a better balance and stability in her jaw and head. This contributes in a significant way to improve her speech and therefore her communication skills and her social inclusion as well. On the other hand, she loves riding Royal and looks forward to her lessons to have fun, feel the friendship and support and rise to the challenges every time!”

“A thorough love of horses and a thorough love for people, especially those with disabilities makes this place a blessing. Camp was a great experience for a young man needing some outlet for his energy and for a mama that needed to know something valuable was being learned and experienced!!”

“Thank you so much for all the hard work you did to make this camp possible. Your facility is amazing with all your farm animals, covered arena and CLEAN barn. Having been a past hunter/jumper, I know what it takes to keep a barn looking clean and well maintained. Your camp was so organized…all your volunteers were…..(hard to find the words)…a God send. All of them were so friendly and I could tell enjoyed the kids tremendously.”

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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

~Helen Keller